- Instant Shine Cleaners is not like other inferior quality jewelry cleaner that have chemicals and bad odors.

- Instant Shine Cleaners is biodegradable made in the U.S Chemical free no ammonia, no acid, no alcohol.

- Instant Shine Cleaners cream is a Non-abrasive that will make your precious metal look brand new.

- Instant Shine Cleaners Formula works to clean years of build up tarnish , oxidation, dullness, and superficial scratches from any metal.

- The liquid is safe for all soft stones such as pearls , opals , and turquoise.

- Safe for costume & plated jewelry.

- Safely and gently cleans all types of jewelry.

- The only jewelry cleaner to remove tarnish and dangerous bacteria.

- It removes embarrassing jewelry odors.

- Leaves your skin free from black marks and rashes.

Frequently Asked Questions :

98% of the other jewelry cleaner products use ammonia, acid, and alcohol, which is not safe for Gold, white gold, platinum, and sterling silver or soft stones like pearls, opals , turquoise, emeralds and more.
Most people do have jewelry cleaner like the one you dip your jewelry in it. Most of those cleaners have chemicals, bad odors and won’t remove the scratches, tarnish, oxidation & dullness from gold, white gold, silver, sterling silver, platinum and so on .Ours is unique because it is all-natural, and is not made of ammonia and water. We also have a tarnish remover cream to remove the film from your metals, so your jewelry looks new everyday.
Most people are not satisfied when they take their jewelry to get steamed because it looks nice for a couple of days and then it looks like it needs to be cleaned again .Most use a chemical cleaner or a box with water in it called an ultrasonic and they use the buffing wheel which takes layers of gold away .Our cream removes tarnish and oxidation and our brightener dissolves the film, so your jewelry looks brand new, all the time.
Instant shine is safe and effective on all metals and gems including soft stones like pearls and opals .It is safe to use on antique jewelry . many antique dealers and estate jewelers are using instant shine cleaners before selling or showcasing their jewelry. It works on gold, white gold, silver, sterling silver, and platinum... Pandora, Tiffany, David yurman, lagos... Any rings, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, and watches...
98% of the jewelry cleaner products on the market have chemicals in them that will destroy your soft stones. Our cleaner is all-natural and will enhance your stones.
YES ! Our non-abrasive cream will make your silver look brand new again like the first time you got it . It will remove the tarnish & oxidation within seconds. Some of our customers had lots of old tarnished silver jewelry that they can’t wear because they were using only the ammonia solution or toothpaste which is not going to help but our instant shine cleaners made them happy and made their silver jewelry looking new everyday.
It will reduce the yellowish about 70% until you rhodium dip it.
Yes ! The paste will remove all the superficial scratches.
Yes it works perfect in the ultrasonic machine, but first use the paste with paper towel to make your precious metals clean and shiny then poor the liquid in the ultrasonic machine to clean between the crevices and rejuvenate the stones. Don’t throw the liquid away keep it , it’s reusable .
We use bounty paper towel, but you can use any paper towel you have at home.
It depends on how much jewelry you have and how often you use it. The set should last about a year and half under normal use.
You can use the cream anytime and whenever you want to get your jewelry sparkling new .
Always happy to work with our wonderful costumers .you can always purchase the product here on the website.
No ammonia, no acid, no alcohol.
Instant shine is a proprietary, biodegradable blend of specialized surfactants and naturally-derived components.
Instant Shine is safe enough to use every day to keep your jewelry sparkling like new. (You don't usually wear dirty clothes... why would you wear dirty jewelry?).
Yes, instant Shine is a superior cleaner for metal watchbands and cases. The cream will remove the scratches, body sweat, and dead skin from any metal then spray the liquid on the watchbands to clean between the links. If your watch is waterproof you can soak it, if not just spray and use a toothbrush to help clean between the crevices.
Instant Shine is the best choice for cleaning any of your jewelry that has applied patinas or antiquing... it will clean and brighten your Pandora, David Yurman, Tiffany, John hardy, lagos, and Heather Moore pieces without affecting the finish. It will make them look brand new. We heard from our customers when they used instant Shine they stopped using the cloth. Use the paste first to make your sterling silver or any metal brand new by removing the tarnish then soak your jewelry in the liquid or spray them.
You can spray or soak your costume jewelry in the liquid to make them shiny. The liquid doesn't contain any acids that will break down the glue.
Instant Shine Cleaners will remove tarnish / bluing from silverware.
Yes absolutely ! After cleaning with Instant Shine you will notice the real colors of brass and copper.
It is 100% safe. It will shine the gold and diamonds. Also it will disinfect it from any dangerous bacteria.